Frequently Asked Questions
How can I join Lladró Gold Club?
  • Lladró invites its very best customers to join the Club, based on purchases registered through LAP:
    • Customers buying High Porcelain pieces
    • Customers buying Limited Edition pieces
    • A selection of frequent customers based on their purchasing history (average purchase over $700 in USA and €500 in the rest of the world)
    • Lladró Privilege Gold members, who were active in December 2010 or who, despite being inactive, have purchased pieces since January 2009.
  • Lladró Authorized Retailers may also invite their best customers to join the Club.
Lladró Gold members can reserve the Club exclusive pieces at by entering their user id (e-mail) and password.
How can I continue being a member? All members are part of the Club for at least 5 years, except those invited by Authorized Retailers who are only entitled to two years of membership. Subscription will be renewed automatically when Club members:
  • Purchase any of the premiere pieces offered at
  • Purchase any High Porcelain piece
  • Purchase any Limited Edition piece
  • Make frequent purchases:
    • Average purchases over $700 in USA and €500 in the rest of the world
    • Spend a minimum of $1,500 in one year for USA and €1,000 for the rest of the world
Lladró Gold Club memberships by payment of a fee will not be renewed.
How and where can I purchase Lladró Gold Club exclusive pieces?Lladró will present each limited edition at The pieces will be simultaneously presented worldwide. An e-newsletter announcing the presentation of a new premiere piece will be sent to all active Gold members who have already registered their e-mail address at

The member will now be able to enter the Lladró Gold Club website to view the piece and, if interested, reserve it. Once the piece is reserved, the member will receive a confirmation e-mail and attached he will find a personalized coupon with his name, the item number and the description of the piece, a reservation number and an expiration date. Each member is only entitled to reserve one unit of each exclusive piece.

Reservations are valid for 45 days.

There are two options for purchasing the piece:
  • Upon presentation of the coupon at any Lladró Authorized Retailer or Lladró Boutique. The stores will then provide Lladró with the reservation number on the coupon when placing the product order. Once the order is received from the retailer, Lladró will provide the retailer with an estimated time of availability, so he can inform the customer.
  • Order the piece directly on the Lladró online shop, making sure to include the reservation number on the coupon.
Members will receive updated information by e-mail regarding their reservation and order:
  1. A member that has reserved the piece will have 45 days to place the order at any Lladró Boutique, any Lladró Authorized Retailer or on the Lladró online shop. The reservation will be cancelled if an order is not placed. Two weeks before the cancellation, the member will receive an automatic reminder e-mail to take action.
  2. Once the member has placed the order and Lladró has registered it, he will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail.
  3. Once Lladró has billed and shipped the piece to the address given in the order, the member will receive another confirmation e-mail. The shipping address can be the member's address or the address of the retailer that placed the order.
If the reservation period expires and the piece has not been purchased by the member, he will be able to make a new reservation if the exclusive piece in still available or the exclusivity period has not concluded.
What happens if I do not have an e-mail address and cannot enter Lladró Gold Club members who do not have an e-mail address and have been invited by Lladró to join the club will be entitled to the same benefits as the rest of members.

If you do not have an e-mail address, Lladró will keep you updated by conventional mail regarding the upcoming introductions of limited edition pieces available at, and will also remind you about:
  • How to enter this online space to discover every detail of these pieces, upon registration of an active e-mail address by customers.
  • The possibility of contacting an Authorized Retailer or any of the Lladró Boutiques to make a reservation or purchase of these pieces.
Members without e-mail address will receive the Club communications by mail later than other members who have access to the website. Communication through our Club website will be much more direct and smoother, as members will be sent updated information about the situation of their reservations and orders of the Club's exclusive pieces.
What happens if I forget my password? You can go to You will be asked for the e-mail address you provided when registering for the first time. Then you will be asked the question you specified during the registration process. If the question is answered correctly, a new password will be forwarded immediately to your e-mail address.

Member's personal details, including password, can be modified at any time in My Details (a restricted area in
Is there a membership card for Lladró Gold Club members? No. Lladró will mainly contact members by e-mail or through the new website In order to access the website and for exclusive information, members will enter their user code (e-mail) and password.
Membership cards are not required for this communication and identification system.
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