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How can I locate my figurine on the web?
You can locate all Lladró cataloged pieces on this website.

You can browse the Lladró catalog with our easy to use menu. The “Lladró by themes” section includes all existing references of the Lladró brand organized intuitively according to theme or function. You can also search the catalog for types of porcelain you are interested in: Classical Porcelain, Gres Classics or New Trends. Within these sections, you will find our creations arranged into themes and/or collections to make your search easier.

Finally, we have prepared a “Gift Suggestions” section where you will find products we have selected as gift ideas for special occasions.

Retired pieces
If you are looking for pieces no longer in the catalog, you will find them in our “Historical Catalog” in the “Catalogs” menu. This section allows you to locate the piece you are interested in with a classification by themes similar to “Lladró by Themes”.

In both cases, you can search using the reference number of the piece (code) or by word (whether included or not in the title of the piece). In addition, we offer you the option of searching by price range when browsing our Online shop.

If you still cannot find the piece you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Department and provide us with a complete description or, if possible, attaching photos of the figurine and its base.
How can I be sure of the authenticity of my Lladró piece?
Every Lladró piece has our logotype engraved on its base. To find out whether your sculpture is authentic, simply make sure that the logotype coincides with one the following logotypes:

In the event that, after verification, you still have doubts about the authenticity of your figurine, please send the reference number and a photograph of its base to our Consumer Relations Department and we will be delighted to certify its authenticity for you. Lladró
Where can I check prices or current values?
Our figurines are commercialized in over 120 countries. That makes it impossible to specify all the suggested prices of sale to the public. We recommend visiting one of our Lladró Authorized Retailers who will be delighted to help you. Also, if your country is on the list of destinations for our Online shop, you can see our prices when browsing the store.

What is the difference between an open edition, a limited edition and a numbered series?
In Open Editions, the piece is produced in an unlimited number from the date of its issue until its retirement year.

In Limited Editions, the piece is produced in a limited number from the date of its issue and is then sold-out when the whole series is commercialized. The number of units to be produced is decided before the introduction of the specific piece which will be commercialized together with a certificate authenticating it as a limited edition.

In Numbered Series, the piece is produced from the date of its issue until its retirement date, but numbered in a non-limited form, and commercialized together with a numbered certificate.
What is Nao? What makes it different from Lladró?
NAO is a brand of the Lladró group, whose pieces are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms, lighthearted subject matters and colorful presentations. All NAO pieces are created by the team of sculptors at the City of Porcelain and are made at the company’s workshops in the town of Xirivella, in Valencia (Spain). If you wish to have more information on NAO, we recommend visiting  the NAO website,
Why is the name Daisa included on the base of Lladró figurines?
Daisa is the name of the Lladró company which holds the intellectual property rights for the figurines.
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