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Goddess Sri Lakshmi Figurine

Figurine of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi on a lotus flower, in porcelain with various colours, with numerous handmade decorative details and gold lustre.
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Goddess Sri Lakshmi Figurine
Seated on a lotus flower, the symbol of purity, the goddess Lakshmi conveys deep spiritual symbolism through the serene beauty of her face. This deity spilled gold coins over her worshippers to bless them with her wealth. Here she has been represented as such, with the sumptuousness required by the goddess of fortune and prosperity, one of the most beloved in Hindu homes. On a decorative level, the use of different techniques stands out, such as the gold lustre of the numerous golden parts or the velvet finish of the sash and cushion where the coins lay. The jewels, the rich clothing, the wreath of flowers and lotus buds complete the sculpture. The stud in her nose, with which the goddess is usually depicted, is adorned with a diamond. This limited edition is part of the High Porcelain collection, the highest artistic category of the brand.


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Gloss and metallic lustre
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Porcelain Type
Gloss and metallic lustre
Raul Rubio
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