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Cultures of the world

Pieces inspired by cultures all over the world and by different periods in time, from Spain culture to age-old traditions from the Orient.
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  1. Samurai Toy Figurine

    Samurai Toy Figurine

  2. Thai dancers (black)

    Thai dancers (black)

  3. Medicine Buddha Figurine

    Medicine Buddha Figurine

  4. Buddha II Figurine

    Buddha II Figurine

  5. Buddha I Figurine

    Buddha I Figurine

  6. African Girl Figurine

    African Girl Figurine

  7. African Boy Figurine

    African Boy Figurine

  8. Cradle of life

    Cradle of life

  9. African man

    African man

  10. African Woman Figurine

    African Woman Figurine

  11. Holy Mother Figurine

    Holy Mother Figurine

  12. Tall Chinese Figurine

    Tall Chinese Figurine

  13. Pedro with jug Gloss

    Pedro with jug Gloss

  14. Kokeshi IV Figurine

    Kokeshi IV Figurine

  15. Kokeshi III Figurine

    Kokeshi III Figurine

  16. Kokeshi II Figurine

    Kokeshi II Figurine

  17. Kokeshi I Figurine

    Kokeshi I Figurine

  18. Sai Baba Figurine

    Sai Baba Figurine

  19. Bal Ganesha Figurine

    Bal Ganesha Figurine

  20. Mezuzah


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170 Items

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