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Porcelain decorative objects

The personality of our home is defined by the decorative objects in porcelain that make it unique, individual and special. Lladró creations have all the magical fantasy and emotion to make our home special.
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  1. Lee Headphones Box. White

    Lee Headphones Box. White

  2. Lane Headphones Box. Green

    Lane Headphones Box. Green

  3. Logos Clock

    Logos Clock

  4. Infinite Round Clock

    Infinite Round Clock

  5. Frame Hexagonal Clock

    Frame Hexagonal Clock

  6. Logos Ashtray

    Logos Ashtray

  7. Parrot Hang I Hanger

    Parrot Hang I Hanger

  8. Parrot Hang II Hanger

    Parrot Hang II Hanger

  9. Baby Girl Box

    Baby Girl Box

  10. Baby Boy Box

    Baby Boy Box

  11. Lane Beret Box. Blue-Gold

    Lane Beret Box. Blue-Gold

  12. Lee Beret Box. Pink-Gold

    Lee Beret Box. Pink-Gold

  13. Ganesha Diya Figurine

    Ganesha Diya Figurine

  14. Romantic Doves Wall Art

    Romantic Doves Wall Art

  15. 2019 Christmas ball. Red

    2019 Christmas ball. Red

  16. 2019 Christmas bell

    2019 Christmas bell

  17. Chess Set. Silver Lustre

    Chess Set. Silver Lustre

  18. Medieval Chess Set Chess Set

    Medieval Chess Set Chess Set

  19. Tray with Peonies Tray

    Tray with Peonies Tray

  20. Pomegranate Figurine

    Pomegranate Figurine

  21. Natural Orchids Wall Art

    Natural Orchids Wall Art

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48 Items

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