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Heliconia jewelry collection

Heliconia, Lladró’s new jewellery collection, captures natural beauty based on harmony, proportion, muted tones and light. These elegant yet original contemporary pieces take their inspiration from organic forms to be found in nature, transforming the subtle purity of flowers into jewellery.
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  1. Heliconia necklace

    Heliconia necklace

  2. Heliconia 4 Petals Pendant

    Heliconia 4 Petals Pendant

  3. Heliconia pendant

    Heliconia pendant

  4. Heliconia bracelet

    Heliconia bracelet

  5. Heliconia Hinge Cuff

    Heliconia Hinge Cuff

  6. Heliconia Cuff

    Heliconia Cuff

  7. Heliconia Long Earrings

    Heliconia Long Earrings

  8. Heliconia Short Earrings

    Heliconia Short Earrings

  9. Heliconia Brooch

    Heliconia Brooch

  10. Heliconia Cufflinks

    Heliconia Cufflinks

  11. Heliconia Pendant. Coral

    Heliconia Pendant. Coral

  12. Heliconia Bracelet. Coral

    Heliconia Bracelet. Coral

  13. Heliconia Pendant. Pink

    Heliconia Pendant. Pink

  14. Heliconia bracelet. Pink

    Heliconia bracelet. Pink

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21 Items

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