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Angel figurines

Delicate porcelain angels are the main characters in lots of Lladró creations. At times depicted as spiritual, other times as friendly and cute, these angels are the beautiful and inspirational celestial creatures who have inspired works of art down through history. Discover a heavenly collection.
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  1. Angel Dreaming Figurine

    Angel Dreaming Figurine

  2. Angel Praying Figurine

    Angel Praying Figurine

  3. Angel with Flute Figurine

    Angel with Flute Figurine

  4. Angel Laying Down Figurine

    Angel Laying Down Figurine

  5. Precious Angel Figurine

    Precious Angel Figurine

  6. Icarus Figurine

    Icarus Figurine

  7. An Angel's Wish Figurine

    An Angel's Wish Figurine

  8. Mime Angel Figurine

    Mime Angel Figurine

  9. Angel Thinking Figurine

    Angel Thinking Figurine

  10. Imaginatio Angel Figurine

    Imaginatio Angel Figurine

  11. Protective Angel Figurine

    Protective Angel Figurine

  12. Wonderful Angel Figurine

    Wonderful Angel Figurine

  13. Beautiful Angel Figurine

    Beautiful Angel Figurine

  14. My Loving Angel Figurine

    My Loving Angel Figurine

  15. Curious Angel Figurine

    Curious Angel Figurine

  16. Angels' Group Figurine

    Angels' Group Figurine

  17. Love Letters Cupid Figurine

    Love Letters Cupid Figurine

  18. Angelic Voices Figurine

    Angelic Voices Figurine

  19. Angel with Lyre Figurine

    Angel with Lyre Figurine

  20. The Angel Moroni Figurine

    The Angel Moroni Figurine

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38 Items

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