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Animal figurines

Discover the animals figurines, animals are an endless source of inspiration for Lladró artists, who are capable of breathing life into porcelain creations of everything from wild elephants and rhinos to cats and dogs.
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  1. Panther Figurine

    Panther Figurine

  2. Giraffes Sculpture

    Giraffes Sculpture

  3. Gorilla Figurine

    Gorilla Figurine

  4. Elephants Walking Figurine

    Elephants Walking Figurine

  5. Lucky Owl Figurine

    Lucky Owl Figurine

  6. Freedom Eagle Sculpture

    Freedom Eagle Sculpture

  7. Courting Cranes Sculpture

    Courting Cranes Sculpture

  8. Spanish Bull Figurine

    Spanish Bull Figurine

  9. Rabbit Figurine

    Rabbit Figurine

  10. Hen Figurine

    Hen Figurine

  11. Swan Figurine

    Swan Figurine

  12. Horses Galloping Figurine

    Horses Galloping Figurine

  13. The Pig Mini Figurine

    The Pig Mini Figurine

  14. The Boar Figurine

    The Boar Figurine

  15. Attentive Bunny Figurine

    Attentive Bunny Figurine

  16. Love Nest Doves Figurine

    Love Nest Doves Figurine

  17. Couple of Doves Figurine

    Couple of Doves Figurine

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210 Items

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