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Cordless Lamps

When the properties of handcrafted porcelain are combined with technology, the results are surprising. Cordless lights with LED system and rechargeable battery. Lamps made of translucent porcelain with hand engraved designs, which are revealed through light.
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  1. Lace Dome Table Lamp

    Lace Dome Table Lamp

  2. Koi Dome Table Lamp

    Koi Dome Table Lamp

  3. Divine Love Set

    Divine Love Set

    TOTAL: $180
  4. Ganesha Set

    Ganesha Set

    TOTAL: $180
  5. Om & Buddha Set

    Om & Buddha Set

    TOTAL: $180
  6. Hanuman & Lord Rama Set

    Hanuman & Lord Rama Set

    TOTAL: $205
  7. Mihrab Lithophane

    Mihrab Lithophane

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79 Items

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