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Sculptures of people

The diversity of people, cultures and languages is mirrored in lifestyles that can be traced back to ancient kingdoms which have served as a fascinating source of inspiration for Lladró artists in the sculptures of people.
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  1. Scientia Man Figurine

    Scientia Man Figurine

  2. Childhood Sweet

    Childhood Sweet

  3. Essence of a Woman Figurine

    Essence of a Woman Figurine

  4. Admiratio Woman Figurine

    Admiratio Woman Figurine

  5. Renovatio Woman Figurine

    Renovatio Woman Figurine

  6. Protective Angel Figurine

    Protective Angel Figurine

  7. Venus Woman Figurine. White

    Venus Woman Figurine. White

  8. Imaginatio Angel Figurine

    Imaginatio Angel Figurine

  9. My Fair Lady Bust

    My Fair Lady Bust

  10. Meditation Woman Figurine

    Meditation Woman Figurine

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  11. Swimmer Man Figurine

    Swimmer Man Figurine

  12. Gallop IV Horse Figurine

    Gallop IV Horse Figurine

  13. Gallop III Horse Figurine

    Gallop III Horse Figurine

  14. Gallop II Horse Figurine

    Gallop II Horse Figurine

  15. Gallop I Horse Figurine

    Gallop I Horse Figurine

  16. Giraffes Sculpture. White

    Giraffes Sculpture. White

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68 Items

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