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Twiggy Collection

Twiggy, pure simplicity. Twiggy explores nature and the harmony and beauty of tree twigs, reinterpreting them in small tubular fragments with pure lines that give rise to unique pieces of jewelry.The combination of sparkling gold with the changing nuances of bluish green in the decoration gives each one of the pieces in the collection an elegant simplicity.

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  1. Twiggy Long Earrings

    Twiggy Long Earrings

  2. Twiggy Stud Earrings

    Twiggy Stud Earrings

  3. Twiggy Ring

    Twiggy Ring

  4. Twiggy Bracelet

    Twiggy Bracelet

  5. Twiggy Pendant

    Twiggy Pendant

  6. Twiggy Open Choker

    Twiggy Open Choker

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6 Items

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