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Maneki Neko II Figurine. Silver Lustre

"A cat figurine from Japanese culture made of white porcelain with a silvery sheen interpretation of the Maneki Neko meaning ""the one who invites you in"" or ""the one who greets you"". The one who greets with both legs up is credited with attracting customers, money and protecting the home or any
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Maneki Neko is a porcelain piece inspired by the Japanese lucky cat or maneki-neko, which means ?beckoning cat?. There are different meanings to the paw the cat holds up: - Banzai Maneki Neko (banzai is a Japanese cheer in which people raise both arms). It is believed to attract customers and money, and to protect the home or any establishment. - The right paw up brings prosperity and money. - The cat with the left paw raised attracts visitors, so is also used in shops to welcome customers. In matte white porcelain with platinum lustre on different parts of the body, its ornamental motifs are inspired by Japanese iconography, where floral elements are especially important. This richly decorated piece makes the perfect gift to express your good wishes. It forms part of a collection of collectible related pieces which can be acquired separately or as a set: 01008530, 01008529, 01008528, 01009073, 01009074. Made in Spain.


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Weight (lb)
Matte and silver lustre
Height (in)
Width (in)
Length (in)
Porcelain Type
Matte and silver lustre
José Javier Malavia
Limited Serie

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