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The latest creations to come from Lladró's workshops. New examples of porcelain art made with talent, creativity and emotions.
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  1. Hercules Beetle Figurine

    Hercules Beetle Figurine

  2. Dragonfly Figurine

    Dragonfly Figurine

  3. Koi Figurine

    Koi Figurine

  4. Owl Mask. Black and Gold

    Owl Mask. Black and Gold

  5. Tiger Mask. Black and Gold

    Tiger Mask. Black and Gold

  6. Tiger Man  Figurine

    Tiger Man Figurine

  7. Panther Woman Figurine

    Panther Woman Figurine

  8. Paradise Wings Necklace

    Paradise Wings Necklace

  9. Paradise Wings Bracelet

    Paradise Wings Bracelet

  10. Paradise Wings Metal Ring

    Paradise Wings Metal Ring

  11. Paradise Wings Earrings

    Paradise Wings Earrings

  12. Paradise wings pendant

    Paradise wings pendant

  13. Loch Porcelain Bottle

    Loch Porcelain Bottle

  14. Loch Ice Bucket

    Loch Ice Bucket

  15. Loch Glass Bottle

    Loch Glass Bottle

  16. Cupid Figurine

    Cupid Figurine

  17. Tinker Bell Figurine

    Tinker Bell Figurine

  18. Tigger Figurine

    Tigger Figurine

  19. Olaf Figurine

    Olaf Figurine

  20. Simba Figurine

    Simba Figurine

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143 Items

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