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Animal figurines

The animal kingdom is a boundless source of inspiration for Lladró artists. Whether it is the spectacular beauty of wild animals or the warm emotions aroused by our family pets, these creations bring them all to life.
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  1. Penguin Family Figurine

    Penguin Family Figurine

  2. Camel Figurine Gloss

    Camel Figurine Gloss

  3. Macaw Bird Sculpture

    Macaw Bird Sculpture

  4. Angelfish Figurine

    Angelfish Figurine

  5. Elephants Walking Figurine

    Elephants Walking Figurine

  6. Peacock Figurine

    Peacock Figurine

  7. Gorilla Figurine

    Gorilla Figurine

  8. Freedom Eagle Sculpture

    Freedom Eagle Sculpture

  9. Sea Turtles Sculpture

    Sea Turtles Sculpture

  10. Rabbit Figurine

    Rabbit Figurine

  11. Hen Figurine

    Hen Figurine

  12. Swan Figurine

    Swan Figurine

  13. The Monkey Figurine. Mini

    The Monkey Figurine. Mini

  14. Gallop IV Horse Figurine

    Gallop IV Horse Figurine

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201 Items

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