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Children figurines

Scenes of childhood always conjure up happy memories from when we were children or memories of our own children or grandchildren. Masterfully recreated by Lladró artists, these tender moments will stay with us our whole lives.
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  1. Childhood Sweet

    Childhood Sweet

  2. May Flowers Girl Figurine

    May Flowers Girl Figurine

  3. Baseball Players Figurine

    Baseball Players Figurine

  4. Surf's Up Boy Figurine

    Surf's Up Boy Figurine

  5. Tea Time Girl Figurine

    Tea Time Girl Figurine

  6. In My Garden Girl Figurine

    In My Garden Girl Figurine

  7. Girlfriends Figurine

    Girlfriends Figurine

  8. Pinocchio Figurine

    Pinocchio Figurine

  9. Sleeping Beauty Figurine

    Sleeping Beauty Figurine

  10. Naughty Puppy Figurine

    Naughty Puppy Figurine

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163 Items

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