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Woman figurines

Women's figures have always been the undisputed protagonists of Lladró's catalogue. Women are present in many of his most exceptional porcelain creations. Mothers, dancers, on countless occasions, women have served to express beauty, strength and courage.
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  1. Ingenue Woman Figurine

    Ingenue Woman Figurine

  2. Venus Woman Figurine. White

    Venus Woman Figurine. White

  3. Meditation Woman Figurine

    Meditation Woman Figurine

  4. Daisy Woman Bust Vase

    Daisy Woman Bust Vase

  5. The Mother Figurine

    The Mother Figurine

  6. Forest Nymph Figurine

    Forest Nymph Figurine

  7. Essence of a Woman Figurine

    Essence of a Woman Figurine

  8. My Fair Lady Bust

    My Fair Lady Bust

  9. Admiratio Woman Figurine

    Admiratio Woman Figurine

  10. Renovatio Woman Figurine

    Renovatio Woman Figurine

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99 Items

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