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The Wedding Day

Love makes the world go round. Big and little moments, thrilling romances and everyday signs of affection, everything has its place in the enchanting stories of love, happy couples and weddings told by these pieces.
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  1. Couple of Doves Figurine

    Couple of Doves Figurine

  2. Love I Couple Figurine

    Love I Couple Figurine

  3. Love II Couple Figurine

    Love II Couple Figurine

  4. Wedding Day Figurine

    Wedding Day Figurine

  5. The Tree of Love Figurine

    The Tree of Love Figurine

  6. Our Song Couple Figurine

    Our Song Couple Figurine

  7. Love Nest Doves Figurine

    Love Nest Doves Figurine

  8. Love III Couple Sculpture

    Love III Couple Sculpture

  9. Bridal Bell Figurine

    Bridal Bell Figurine

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39 Items

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