Lladró’s iconic flowers have become the main character at Lladró Chengdu IFS, celebrating a LLADRÓ · Flowery Porcelain Land Limited Time Exhibition.

The exquisite and meticulous craftsmanship from Lladró headquarters in Valencia are shown at the unique handmade porcelain flower production process, in some very recognisable pieces.

For instance, the homage to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is a true masterpiece of delicate technique, a porcelain sculpture showing her beloved flowers on her hair and clothing. Frida wears six large flowers in her hair, each of which is handmade with exquisite detail and lifelike.

More flowers can be found at some of the best-known vases from Lladró. Canvas Vase by Bodo Sperlein, a sculptural vase that combines contemporary design with classic details to create a unique and artistic shape, shows 200 handmade porcelain petals with perfect fluidity. The Macaw bird vase merges one of the world’s most spectacular and beautiful birds with an appeal to protect life with art. The playful sense and fantasy of Conversation Vase by the Spanish creative Jaime Hayon inspires with elegance and carefree attitude. Parrot Parade Vase shows a contrast between the refined geometric design of the objects’ functional forms and the meticulously realistic representation of the graceful birds that decorate them. And Monkey vase, with a little monkey that stands out for this realism, displays simple lines and touches of degraded color for the perfect flower arrangement.

Coral Collection, inspired by the coral reefs, and Firefly in Red Coral gloss finish were also present at the catering area for the exhibition and pop-up. Unique pieces handmade by the best artists combining a realist and a conceptual perspective, and surrounded by flowers in some very special settings.

And no flower arrangement is complete without Cactus. Plants with fascinating curves that combine the resistance of thorns and the fragility of beautiful flowers, reinterpreted by Lladró artists in a collection of liquid diffusers entirely handcrafted in porcelain.

Lladró Flowery Porcelain Land Limited Time exhibition will be open until 14th April at LLADRÓ Chengdu IFS store.