The recently launched collection by Javier Calleja, You Choose One, will be on view at Hong Kong´s edition of Art Basel through Nanzuka Underground art gallery, exhibiting in booth 3C20. The gallery showcases one of the creations of the Limited Series of 25 units, a sculptural work created by the renowned Spanish artist Javier Calleja.

With his participation in Art Editions, Lladró´s new brand category for collaborations with contemporary artists, Calleja has transformed his creative universe in a Lladró handcrafted porcelain. The platform works as a creative space in which world-class artists sign exclusive works in very limited editions, now shown at the largest international fair of one of the most vibrant and dynamic cultural capitals in Asia.

The special edition of 25 unrepeatable works have a unique decoration and combine porcelain with glass, to enhance the expressiveness of the unmistakable big-eyes of the characters, so central to both Javier Calleja’s works and Lladró’s creations. Boy, Devil Cat and Angel Cat are decorated on a range of warm and intense tones selected by the artist himself from a palette of over 4,000 colors developed by Lladró’s team of chemists specifically for the collection. You Choose One conceals a great technical complexity and recreation of all the details, imagination and expressive style of Calleja beneath an apparent formal complexity, combined with Lladró’s Spanish craft. The collection is aimed to intrigue art lovers from all over the world and take them on a visual journey. Hand signed by the artist, they come with an etching which also has Calleja’s personal signature.

Art Basel Hong Kong, celebrated on March 28, 29, and 30th, 2024, at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, embodies the astonishing diversity of Asia and the Pacific and provides a unique perspective on the global art scene through contemporary works by established artists and emerging talents. As the largest international art fair in Hong Kong, it attracts collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts from around the world to one of Asia’s most vibrant and dynamic cultural capitals.