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The Parrot Party

A collection based on the contrast between the pure geometric design of functional objects and the highly realistic depiction of the cute birds that decorate them. The feathers of the different species are recreated down to the tiniest detail, bringing the birds to life and animating these pieces which are both functional and beautiful, making them ideal for all kinds of interiors.
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  1. Parrot Table

    Parrot Table

  2. Parrot Table Lamp. (US)

    Parrot Table Lamp. (US)

  3. Parrot Icon Candle Holder

    Parrot Icon Candle Holder

    Special Price $423 Regular Price $650
  4. Parrot Star Candle Holder

    Parrot Star Candle Holder

    Special Price $325 Regular Price $650
  5. Parrot Friends Candle Holder

    Parrot Friends Candle Holder

    Special Price $715 Regular Price $1,100
  6. Parrot Team Candle Holder

    Parrot Team Candle Holder

    Special Price $887 Regular Price $1,365
  7. Parrot Hang II Hanger

    Parrot Hang II Hanger

  8. Parrot Hang I Hanger

    Parrot Hang I Hanger

  9. Parrot Love Plate

    Parrot Love Plate

    Special Price $618 Regular Price $950
  10. Parrot Parade Vase. Blue

    Parrot Parade Vase. Blue

  11. Parrot Romance Plate

    Parrot Romance Plate

  12. Parrot Treasure

    Parrot Treasure

    Special Price $450 Regular Price $900
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