The holder of this website and the controller of the data file in which any personal data provided by you will be stored is LLADRÓ, S.A., a Sole Shareholder company incorporated in Spain, with address at Carretera de Alboraya s/n, Polígono Lladró, 46016 Tavernes Blanques – Valencia (Spain) (hereinafter “LLADRÓ”).

Any information we have access to which may allow us to identify you, such as name, surname,address, e-mail, telephone numbers, type of device, debit or credit card number, etc. (hereinafter, “Personal Data”) will be stored and used according to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, which essential points are as follows:

Controller:  LLADRÓ, S.A. - Tax Id. No. A46-147112

Address: Carretera de Alboraya s/n, Polígono Lladró, 46016 Tavernes Blanques (Valencia) - Spain.

Phone nos. : (34) 96 3187000 / (34) 900 211010


DPO contact:

Processing purposes:  Purchase and assurance completion and monitoring; sending advertising and information; sales prospecting.

Legitimacy: Implementation of purchase and sale agreement and of assurance policy and consent of the data subject. 

Recipients of transfers/ assignments: No Personal Data will be transferred or assigned to third parties except if so provided by this Privacy Policy and for the purposes set forth below. 

Data subject rights:  Access, rectify or delete Personal Data and other rights which are detailed below.     

Below are the conditions under which LLADRÓ will process any Personal Data you provide as a user of this website (

If you place an order of our products without registering as a user, your Personal Data will be used solely for the purpose of that specific purchase and will not be processed or used for any other purpose, unless you authorize us to do so. In this connection, when you get our first email confirming the shipping of your order to the email address you had provided us, you will be able to decide whether or not to receive communications that are not directly related with the order you have placed.

In the event that you register with the purpose of placing your orders, to receiving our newsletter or for any other purpose, or, in the case that you give your consent for us to send you communications on our products that are not directly related with your order, the Personal Data that you provide us with will be stored in a data file controlled by LLADRÓ and will be used solely for the purposes of sending you information and advertising on our products, as well as for any specific purpose you have applied for in each section of this website like, for instance, assuring the pieces you have acquired under  the Lladró Assurance Program. Sending information and advertising to you is legitimised by the consent which you may give us when we request it in each occassion without the withdrawal of such consent by you may affect or impair the completion of the purchase contract or any of the services you require from us. 

You also expressly authorize us hereby to transfer or assign your Personal Data to our affiliated companies in the Lladró Group in those cases in which any of these affiliates are directly involved in the services that you have required from us and always in the understanding that these affiliated companies are in turn committed to comply with any security measures legally required at the European Union for the storage and processing of Personal Data. These affiliated companies, which are located in the countries which are also here identified, are detailed below:

Lladró USA, Inc. (USA), Lladró Galleries, Inc. (USA), Lladró (United Kingdom) Ltd. (UK), Lladró Italia s.r.l. (Italy), Lladró Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia), Lladró Japan Co. Ltd. (Japan), Lladró Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Lladró Asia Pacific Ltd. (Hong Kong-China), Spa Lifestyle Pte. Ltd. (India).

In the event that you place an order with a delivery address in the USA or in Canada and the sale is made by Lladró USA, Inc., Lladró USA, Inc. shall be allowed access to your Personal Data solely for the purposes of dealing with that specific purchase and shall not treat or use your Personal Data in the future for any other purpose.

We cannot process sales from this website if orders have a delivery address in Russia, however, if you are interested in purchasing our products so that they be served in this country, we collect your order and send to our distributor LLC ART PORCELANA with address at Petrovsky Passage, Petrovka Street 10, 107031 Moscow. This company will then contact you to sell the products you are interested in using the contact details you provided us. For this purpose, you give us your express consent to transfer your Personal Data to the above-named company.

LLADRÓ cannot process sales from its website when orders have a delivery address in India, however, if you are interested in purchasing our products to be shipped to India, we take your order and send it to our affiliate SPA LIFESTYLE PRIVATE LIMITED, a company incorporated in India with address at Rectangle One, D-4 District Centre, Saket, New Delhi 110017. In this case, you give us your express consent to transfer your Personal Data to the above named company. From that moment, you will directly access the web page of SPA LIFESTYLE PRIVATE LIMITED who will sell you the products you are interested in. Before making your purchase, please read and accept the "Buying Terms and Conditions" and other Legal Notices issued by SPA LIFESTYLE PRIVATE LIMITED.

At the same time, it may also be necessary to share your personal information with third parties who are involved in the delivery of the services, such as financial entities, anti-fraud bodies, and providers of technological, logistics, transport and delivery services, customer services or authorized retailers near your home or where you have purchased your pieces. By supplying your Personal Data you authorize us to handle and share these data with the above-mentioned collaborators. Your authorization includes those cases when, to ensure more efficient service, the suppliers are located in USA or other third countries outside the European Economic Area that do not provide the same level of data protection as your home country or the European Union even if no decision of good performance has been issued by the European authorities on this subject matter with respect to such third country.

Your Personal Data will not be otherwise shared, transferred or modified without your prior consent unless required by law.

Your Personal Data will be stored in our file while our relationship with you exists depending on the purposes for which such data were provided and until the moment you require us to delete same. 

To be able to offer you our products and services which are in line with your choices and preferences and also in order to improve your experience as a user of our website, we will elaborate a "user profile" based on the information we get from you. Automated decisions may be taken based on such profile in connection to the advertising and the products we may offer you, without them affecting any of your rights as a consumer.   

You are entitled at any time to access, modify or delete your Personal Data stored in our files as well as to exert your rights of portability, blockage or limitation of their processing as well as to revoke your consent to the abovementioned assigment/transfer of your Personal Data by writing to the Data Protection Officer or the Controller of the data file to the addresses set forth above.

When applying to exercise any of the above rights, you should specify the reason for your application and we may ask for a copy of your national identity card, passport or other valid ID to identify you before we process your application.


In addition to the provisions in this Privacy Policy, you should also read the specific sections in this website for each one of our services or functionalities. Besides the general conditions described here, there may also exist other specific conditions for each section that may call for a specific treatment of your Personal Data.

There is certain information to be completed - identified as compulsory in each section- without which it will not be possible to register you as a user, as a customer or as a recipient user of other functionalities or services available on this website.

You hereby guarantee that the Personal Data you supply is true and exact and you agree to notify us of any change or modification to these data should it affect the provision of our services. In the event that you supply Personal Data of third parties, you are responsible for having informed and having obtained the consent of the said third parties for their Personal Data to be used for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or in the various sections of this website. Any damages or injuries caused to LLADRÓ or to a third party as a result of the communication of Personal Data or information which is incomplete or erroneous or which has been provided without the consent of the affected individual during the process of registering or purchasing in this website will be the sole responsibility of the user who supplied said data or information.

LLADRÓ will use the Personal Data you provide for the following purposes: 

1.- To register you as a user of this website, both to identify you and to provide you access to the products and services available to registered users.

2.- To fulfill and execute the sale and purchase contract for purchasing our products or any other contract undertaken by you through this website.

3.- To process the “Lladró Assurance Program” when you apply for it.

4.- To contact you by telephone, email or other equivalent means of communication in relation to products and services you have acquired or hired or to the functionalities of this website, including those related to security measures.

5.- To inform you, when you have subscribed to our newsletter, about our products and services, by email or any other means of communication using the Personal Data you have provided to us.

6.- To internally analyze the choices and preferences of our users and customers with the purposes of improving our interaction with them, creating user profiles and improving our marketing actions and our sales.