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Paradise Wings collection

Native to the world’s tropical rainforests, the intense colors, incredible beaks and lively singing of exotic birds inspired Paradise Wings.

This collection recreates the feathers and coloring of tropical birds in porcelain jewelry. Visually attractive creations that entice you to caress their delicately hand-painted and handcrafted feathers.

The unique personality of macaws, toucans and cockatoos are captured in a collection of porcelain jewelry that rejoices in the amazing beauty of exotic birds.

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  1. Pendientes Paradise wings

    Pendientes Paradise wings

    220 €
  2. Pendientes criolla Paradise wings

    Pendientes criolla Paradise wings

    175 €
  3. Anillo de metal Paradise wings

    Anillo de metal Paradise wings

    125 €
  4. Pulsera Paradise wings

    Pulsera Paradise wings

    225 €
  5. Collar Paradise wings

    Collar Paradise wings

    590 €
  6. Colgante Paradise wings

    Colgante Paradise wings

    195 €
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