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Twiggy Collection

Twiggy, pure simplicity.Twiggy borrows its inspiration from the beauty and simplicity of leafless twigs found in nature, recreating them with small angular tubes to come up with a unique jewelry collection.When combined with glittering gold, the changing bluish-green tones of the decoration make each piece a stylish work of art in its own right.
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  1. Pendientes largos Twiggy

    Pendientes largos Twiggy

    150 €
  2. Pendientes botón Twiggy

    Pendientes botón Twiggy

    95 €
  3. Anillo Twiggy

    Anillo Twiggy

    115 €
  4. Pulsera Twiggy

    Pulsera Twiggy

    175 €
  5. Colgante Twiggy

    Colgante Twiggy

    195 €
  6. Torque Twiggy

    Torque Twiggy

    325 €
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